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Why are parents and children asking for a First, Second, and Third Grade?

In 2006, Blind Childens Center established a Kindergarten Program in response to the overwhelming request of families who were profoundly disappointed by the services in the public school system.

With the addition of our Kindergarten Program and First Grade, we are now serving children from birth to age 7; critical years for any developing child, but especially for a child who is blind.

Even after adding Kindergarten, we constantly hear, “Can’t my little girl just stay one more year?” Until now, we’ve had to say “No.”


Dedicated, passionate, determined, loving — these are words that describe Lizbeth Flores. She would call herself, “just a mom” who wants the best for her daughter. Liz has been making the trip from San Pedro to the Blind Childrens Center since her daughter, Jennifer, was 7 months old. Jennifer, now 6, is one of the students whose journey at Blind Childrens Center did not end this year but continued into First Grade, thanks to the leadership of Liz and support of the parents at the Center.

Over the years, Liz’s appreciation for the Center grew until she could not imagine leaving when her daughter completed Kindergarten. “When I thought about the origins of the Blind Childrens Center and how it was started, it made me think, ‘why not ask for more grades?’”

And that is just what she did.

She and other parents asked the Director of Education, Dr. Fernanda Armenta-Schmitt, and ultimately the Board of Directors, for a First Grade. When presenting to the Board, Liz spoke from her heart, sharing her early experiences about traveling to the Center by bus and the stares and comments others would make about her daughter.

Ultimately, Liz wants what all parents want for their children, a school where they can belong. She describes Blind Childrens Center as “a place where children will be educated, but also loved for who they are.”

When asked about the day she learned that the Center would be adding a First Grade, with Second and Third grades to come in the future, Liz becomes emotional. She explains that it validates all her hopes and dreams she has for Jennifer.


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