Making the
Sensational Happen
One touch, one sound, one experience at a time

Vision Statement

The Blind Childrens Center’s vision is to provide the optimal learning experience and environment for the children and their families we serve.


What happens to a student after she leaves the Blind Childrens Center?

What does the future hold for her?

Why is the Blind Childrens Center such an important part of her life?

Making the Sensational Happen for Herself and Others

Kyra Sweeney graduated from the Center in 1999. Her accomplishments may astonish you. They inspire us. They include: performing with James Galway and 30 flute students at the Hollywood Bowl; being a seven-time finalist in the National Braille Challenge and an honor student at Santa Monica High School; playing in her high school concert and marching bands; excelling at skiing; and serving as a mentor to children at the Blind Childrens Center.

As a student at the Blind Childrens Center from 1995 to 1999, Kyra received a strong educational foundation that enabled her to build upon her natural talents and sense of independence. She is now a vibrant and accomplished teenager who is thriving in the “sighted world.”

While at the Blind Childrens Center, Kyra discovered her love of music, participating in the Blind Childrens Center’s music program and beginning formal piano lessons at the age of four.

After graduating from the Blind Childrens Center, Kyra continued to explore her musical gift. When she was in 4th grade, she began to play the flute and it has been her passion ever since. Kyra believes that every child who is blind should be able to experience the benefit of the Center’s environment. She dedicates her free time to touching the lives of the children and their families through the junior mentor program at the Center.

On September 22, 2008, in recognition of her many achievements, Kyra was presented with the Blind Childrens Center’s Robert Stack Achievement Award. Although Kyra was born blind, she shows us everyday that through the creation of a strong educational foundation, perseverance and passion, wonderful things are possible. Kyra is truly an example of a young adult who is making the sensational happen: one touch, one sound, one experience at a time.


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