To Our Blind Children’s Center Family

BCC CEO smiling with kindergarten girl with glasses. Caption reads "caring staff."

Dear friends of the Blind Children’s Center,

In this time of great uncertainty, there is one thing of which I am sure ̶ we all need human connection and support more than ever. This is especially true for the vulnerable and isolated among us, whether isolated by poverty, disability, or age. Providing connection is often the most important role of nonprofit organizations, including the Blind Children’s Center. That is why the BCC team is leaning into our family-focused approach and developing individualized support plans for every family we serve. During this time of necessary social distancing, our teachers, specialists, and social workers are using technology to maintain vital human connection and provide key support services.

In order to continue our mission and connection to our students and their families, BCC cannot afford to put a pause on our fundraising efforts. Our staff members continue to deliver services to families and the truth is, all nonprofits will need the support of individuals like you and me more than ever over the coming months. With charity events being cancelled all over the country, we are rapidly adapting to the “new normal.” Our own May 5th gala will now be held online rather than in person.

Yet the need for connection and the needs of our students continue unabated. To those who have been personally impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, either as a patient, a family member, or employee, my heart is with you. If you are comfortably retired or one of the lucky professionals continuing to collect a paycheck, this is a wonderful opportunity to pay it forward. Our connection has never been more important than it is today and the need has never been greater. Give what you can, not only to the Blind Children’s Center, but to all the charities you love.

Wishing you and your loved ones safety and good health.

With gratitude,

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Sarah E. Orth



Beeping Egg Hunt

Three adult women help two young girls who are visually impaired search for beeping eggs on the playground A preschool boy with glasses reaches out to touch the nose of a woman dressed in an Easter bunny costume A young boy with albinism wearing sunglasses smiles holding an Easter basket next to a woman dressed as the Easter bunny

On Friday, March 30, we held our annual Beeping Egg Hunt. This tradition was developed by volunteers from the AT&T Pacific Pioneers more than 30 years ago, and has grown ever since. What originally began here in the heart of Los Angeles has now captivated other organizations across the nation, from Arizona and Oklahoma to New York and Virginia.

Thanks to Performance Team Freight Systems Inc., each student was rewarded with a basket when they delivered their beeping egg to our bunny (teacher in a bunny suit!). Each basket contained a stuffed animal, books and lots of other cute treats. Our students as well as friends and family got to experience a petting zoo of small animals thanks to our longtime friend Janis Lake. Everyone was able to feed, pet and take photos with the bunnies, chicks and ducklings, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Holiday Party with Santa!

A Los Angeles Police Department officer dressed as Santa rides in a sleigh pulled by a police car in the BCC parking lot

Officers from around the city brought gifts and spent the morning visiting with our students and their families at our annual Holiday Party with Santa! Thank you to all of our friends from LAPD Headquarters, LAPD Southwest Community Police Station, LAPD Rampart Division, LAPD Community Outreach, and our Board Member, Detective Marc Rojas.