A man, woman, and two preschool boys with glasses stand and smile on a forest path

A Letter from the Forbes Family

When we first learned of our son Lincoln’s diagnoses our world came to a stop. Ocular Albinism. Strabismus. Nystagmus. Legally blind. We were bombarded with strange medical terms and an uncertain future. The Blind Children’s Center was a life raft in a sea of questions.

We were immediately put at ease during our tour of the campus. Through every window was a classroom full of happy children surrounded by loving teachers and assistants. Imagine our shock when we saw a 3-year-old girl with the same vision condition as Lincoln running around the infant classroom as though she were fully sighted. This new place was magical. Our fear of the future was replaced by excitement and hope.

At BCC we found so much more than a school. We found a home. In this unique environment, staff lovingly held our entire family’s needs and hearts with strength, wisdom, and tenderness. We’ve spent countless hours on campus, attending events, meetings with staff to address our children’s needs and receiving advocacy training.

Thanks to Lincoln’s experience at the Center, we were prepared when our second son, Sebastian, was born with similar vision challenges, and we knew exactly where we would be going to school! He, too, has thrived at BCC and has developed wonderfully since enrolling as an infant.

After graduating from the Center, Lincoln transitioned smoothly into public school last year. During our first special education meeting at his new school, we glowed with pride as we listened to teacher after teacher praise Lincoln for his maturity, kindness, and self-advocacy skills. We will always remember the faces of the staff members at BCC who guided his development in these areas.

Today, as we stay safer at home during COVID-19, Sebastian participates online, four days a week in his last year of the BCC preschool program. Lincoln attends public school online. With our knowledge gained and ongoing support from BCC we have been able to make our home a learning space for two visually impaired kids. The set-up is quite a sight!

It is our honor to thank you for supporting the Blind Children’s Center. Your generous support has contributed to every effort, thought and gesture of love given to us. Please continue to give from your heart so families like ours can continue to find a brighter future.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours,

Andrea Forbes, Psy.D & Josh Forbes

Parents of Sebastian & Lincoln

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A man, woman, and two preschool boys with glasses stand and smile on a forest path
A preschool boy wearing glasses sits and smiles at his desk in his classroom
A man, woman, and two hugging boys with glasses bike on a beach trail
Three boys with glasses stand on a classic car in the BCC parking lot
A man and a preschool boy with glasses sit on the floor, smiling
Two boys with glasses do a puzzle on the floor