Early intervention services for infants & their families

A toddler boy with glasses and his teacher do a craft project outside

The Infant Class provides free early interventions and educational services to babies and toddlers who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled. Research confirms families who participate in early intervention are more likely to understand and address their child’s needs, so we encourage parents to contact us as soon as they receive a diagnosis from their doctor or healthcare provider. In fact, we have served infants as young as one week-old!

Our Infant Class teaches parents and other caregivers how to motivate and encourage their children — to initiate movement, sit and crawl, overcome fears of noise, and learn essential new skills, including feeding. The skills parents obtain can be practiced at home, strengthening a critical early bond.

Infants and parents attend classes one or two times a week in a comfortable, inclusive setting — with children who are typically developing in each class — mirroring the sighted world outside and encouraging the development of socialization and language skills.