Support Services for Families

A smiling woman holds her baby while another woman smiles at him in the Blind Children's Center living room

All parents, caregivers and families with children enrolled at the Center are offered program services to support family well-being and help families reach their goals. Parent groups, committees, and one-on-one supports help strengthen parent-child relationships and engage families in the learning and development of their child. For parents/caregivers of children with visual impairments and other disabilities, our bilingual family support team is prepared to provide specialized support including assistance with navigating a complex medical system. Through family support groups, ongoing one on one strategy sessions, and patient navigation at medical appointments, these key staff members provide a layer of support which is essential during the uncertain and challenging first few years of a child’s life. To reach our Family Services Team click here and we will follow up with you promptly, or click here to enroll your child today.