Educational services for preschool students

Boy with glasses playing with toy cars and smiling in a classroom

The Preschool Program is open to any child who is blind or visually impaired in Los Angeles County. Our expert team of teachers and specialists provide comprehensive individualized education and training in sensory development, orientation & mobility training, occupational therapy and early literacy skills, completely free of charge.

Focus is also placed on physical fitness and mobility through adaptive physical education classes and endless opportunities for learning through play. Our teachers and specialists utilize our colorful indoor Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) and beloved outdoor therapeutic playground to build fitness, self-confidence and social skills in a natural, inclusive environment, with sighted children represented in nearly equal number as children with a disability.

We encourage parents whose child has received a diagnosis of blindness or a severe visual impairment to enroll their children as early as possible. Contact us today and find out if the Blind Children’s Center is the right place for your preschooler!