What is Scholars for Sight?

A college girl reads a book to a group of preschool children who are visually impaired in the BCC Living Room

The Scholars for Sight Award program honors college students who have completed projects that deepen their understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing children who are blind or visually impaired. Eligible submissions include research papers, projects, and creative works that focus on children who are blind or visually impaired. To apply, please email your project and a brief statement about yourself and your work (max 250 words) to our Director of Development and Communications, Scott Kassel, at scott@blindchildrenscenter.org. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

2020 Scholars for Sight Award Recipient

Diagram of TACT-A-KIT box. White instruction book labeled "How-to-TACT", red book labeled "Treasure Walk" with a small green button, small green gem, red lock, blue key, white oval, and purple circle, orange playing cards labeled "Playing Cards," and purple textured card labeled "Navigation Cues"

We are proud to honor Mara Weeks as the inaugural recipient of our Scholars for Sight Award for her work on TACT-A-KIT, a travel kit for families with children who are visually impaired that she designed as part of her graphic design program at Oregon State University. TACT-A-KIT is designed for young children between the ages of two and six, and consists of three components: a navigation system, a card game activity, and an experience storybook. The goal of TACT-A-KIT is to promote the independence and social integration of children who are visually impaired. More information about TACT-A-KIT is available on the project website.