Best Friends

February, 2022

two children playing

Our year-end mail campaign featured kindergartner Anadalia who enrolled at the Blind Children’s Center as a 7-month-old and is poised to graduate this year. She has flourished during her time at the Center and is a particularly social child who makes friends easily. 

“Building friendships can be challenging for children who are visually impaired, since there are so many visual cues involved in engaging other children,” said Director of Early Childhood Education Bianca Ciebrant. “For example, eye contact and learning through observation are sometimes not easy or impossible for a child who is blind or visually impaired.”

But Anadalia has thrived in that regard. “She has learned to advocate for herself and is one of BCC’s most confident students,” said Adaptive Services Specialist Rosalinda Mendiola who works with Anadalia on her braille literacy skills. 


During her years at the Center, Anadalia has developed a close friendship with Mila, a sighted student who is currently in our transitional kindergarten class. Friendships like theirs are a special byproduct of our inclusive learning environment with sighted children in each class. 

Although they are in different classes this year, they are still close friends, often seen socializing together outside on the playground. Both girls have benefited greatly from their friendship and their experiences at BCC will make them more prepared for their next educational steps. Blind Children’s Center has been a leader in inclusive education, beginning in 1988, promoting friendships like Anadalia and Mila’s for the past 34 years.