Your support enables students like Sofia to make huge strides!

At four years old Sofia had never set foot in a classroom. At an age when most children are walking and running, Sofia could still barely stand on her own. Overwhelmed by their child’s diagnosis of blindness and significant developmental delays, Sofia’s parents didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Like many, they struggled in the dark until they found the Blind Children’s Center.

When Sofia enrolled at the Center, her parents noticed the changes in their daughter almost immediately. After years of relying on mom and dad to carry her everywhere, Sofia was soon on her feet, walking for the very first time thanks to the Center’s dedicated intervention and therapies. Today, Sofia is more active than ever, exploring her classroom environment, making friends, and learning to feed herself.

“Despite Sofia’s severe auditory and tactile sensitivities, she has come so far in just one year,” said current preschool teacher Veronica Proctor. Imagine the strides Sofia will make over the next four years at the Blind Children’s Center!

When you make a year-end gift to the Blind Children’s Center, you are saying “Yes!” to early intervention services that change the world for children like Sofia. Please join us and help light the way for Sofia and the next generation of children facing blindness and severe visual impairments.

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